IMPORTANT NOTICE: It has come to our attention that business(es) are practicing cold calling guised as ILM Financial. We would like to inform all victims of such calls that we, at ILM Financial Ltd, do not participate in any cold calling.
If you have been cold called please do not hesitate to contact us with the details as all instants of cold calling are being reported to the FCA
ILM Financial Operate a No Cold Calling Policy


Investments & Savings

A core function of our business is to advise our clients on accumulating and investing capital which may be required for a variety of purposes throughout life.

Investments & Savings

Before recommending any investment product we help our clients understand the issues which need to be considered in determining how their investments are structured. We will factor in the following:

  • Attitude to Risk
  • Taxation
  • Access and Security
  • Investment Timescale
  • Asset Allocation

At ILM it is important not only for us to provide initial advice but on providing ongoing advice to ensure your financial arrangements remain relevant to your changing financial and lifestyle requirements.

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